Data Protection and Privacy Programme Development Services

The GDPR will transform how personal data is collected, shared and used globally, and has been described by experts as ambitious, complex and strict. All organisations will have changes to make in policy, processes and contracts, as well as in technical and organisational compliance measures. In some instances, those changes could be complex and significant.

As members of the International Data Protection Association (IDPA), our team of experienced data protection officers can help your organisation with a variety of best-practice solutions, from evaluating your GDPR compliance position via a Readiness Assessment through to developing a full Compliance roadmap. We can also act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer.

The MSC GDPR Readiness check assesses your organisation’s readiness for the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The assessment analyses the existing data processing structures and risks, and provides a risk level report which flags potential GDPR compliance issues.

The Assessment contains a GDPR target baseline which focuses on the key issues and changes triggered by the GDPR.  The GDPR Readiness Check analyses the personal data processing infrastructure of your organisation and focuses on selected key requirements established in the Regulation. It provides an overview of potential problem areas and helps in initiating necessary adjustments.

The Data Protection and Privacy Programme Service includes privacy and data protection services on a large scale and for organisation-specific needs. A Data Protection Program analyses the risks related to existing and potential data processing operations and develops custom-made privacy and data protection solutions for an entire organisation and its products and services.

The MSC Data Protection and Privacy Programme Service assists your organisation with the development of a privacy and data protection program for a product line, branch or an entire organisation. This includes, for example, the mapping of data processes and data locations and the classification of data. It also includes data security, access control and data retention as well as staff privacy training, privacy risk assessments and the creation of data transfer rules.  The Data Protection and Privacy Program offers a holistic solution for privacy and data protection implementation on all levels.