Certified Information Privacy Implementer - Foundation

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Certified Information Privacy Implementer - Foundation
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Demonstrate your Information Privacy implementation expertise.

The unique implementation-focused CIPI Certification promotes international privacy and security best practice and recognizes the individuals involved in the implementation of an enterprise's information privacy framework.

Being CIPI-F certified provides course participants with the knowledge required of a Privacy team member; an understanding of the link between Data Protection,

Risk Management & Security, as well as an appreciation of Data Management practices. Our CIPI-F Certification attracts 24 hours CPE

Exam Pass Guarantee

We are fully confident tha the quality of our Course materials, our Trainers and our delivery methodology means that you will pass the associated exam first time but in the very unlikely event that you did, relax in the knowledge that you can access free training till you do. No extra cost, just turn up ready and willing to learn.

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Excl. Tax: £750.00 Incl. Tax: £900.00



Demonstrate your Information Privacy implementation foundation expertise. The unique implementation-focused CIPI certification promotes international privacy and security best practice and recognizes the individual who implements an enterprise's information privacy framework.

The CIPI Foundation Certification proves your ability to implement an organisations Privacy Compliance Framework.


 The CIPI Foundation designation;

  • Confirms your implementation knowledge through independent assessment 
  • Certification means higher earning potential and career advancement. 
  • Recent independent studies consistently rank Privacy and Security Certified individuals as attracting higher pay and benefits

CIPI Foundation Certification: 

  • Demonstrates your understanding of the relationship between an information privacy programme and broader business goals and objectives 
  • Distinguishes you as having not only information privacy knowledge, but also the expertise required to implement solutions as part of a team. 
  • Puts you in an elite peer network 
  • Is considered essential in defining you as a Data Protection advocate. 

CIPI Foundation Certified Individuals: 

  • Identify and implement solutions to business critical issues and customize company-specific practices to support the governance of information privacy processes and related technologies 
  • Reduce the Regulatory Risk profile of the enterprise in which they are employed 
  • Provide a comprehensive view of information privacy management and its relationship to business risk 
  • Demonstrate to enterprise customers their commitment to privacy, compliance and security; contributing to the attraction and retention of customers through the adoption of compliant solutions across multiple vectors 
  • Bridge the gap between the organization's information privacy programme and its broader goals and objectives 
  • Provide the enterprise with a certification for Information Privacy Implementation that is recognized by clients and enterprises, lending credibility to the enterprise.


How to become CIPI Foundation Certified


The CIPI designation is awarded to individuals with an interest in Privacy Compliance Framework design, management, control and monitoring who meet the following requirements: 

  • Attendance at a recognised ClPl training course

The CIPI course is offered through a network of Approved Training Providers at facilities across the EMEA region. Courses are offered year round. 

  • Achieving a passing score in the CIPI examination 

All delegates attending an official training course will be offered the opportunity to sit the associated examination. This examination is delivered via Computer based testing at any one of the Pearson Vue Test Centres, found globally.

To pass the examination, a passing score of 70% must be obtained by answering 40 multiple choice questions covering the scope of the exam. Questions cover the 4 key areas of the training course, namely People, Process, Technology and Environment. Successful examination candidates will be issued with a Certificate confirming a passing grade along with the relevant CPD certificate. For a more detailed description of the exam see the CIPI Certification Job Practice below. 

  • Adherence to the Code of Professional Ethics

Members of the International Data Protection Association (IDPA) and/or holders of the CIPI designation agree to a Code of Professional Ethics to steer professional and personal conduct. 

  • Adherence to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program 

The objectives of the Continuing Professional Education program are to maintain an individual's competency by requiring continual updating of knowledge and skills in the areas of information governance, privacy, technical controls and security, as well as to Provide a mechanism for monitoring information systems audit, control and security professionals' maintenance of their competency. 


CIPI Certification Job Practice


The current CIPI exams cover 4 information privacy management areas, each of which is further defined and detailed through Task & Required Knowledge Attainment areas.

Following is a brief description of these areas, their definitions and approximate percentage of test questions allocated to each area. These areas and statements represent a job practice analysis of the work performed by Information Privacy Implementation experts and Information Security Managers as validated by prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts and industry practitioners.


  • Domain 1—Information Privacy Governance 

Establish and/or maintain an information privacy governance framework and supporting processes to ensure that the information privacy strategy is aligned with organizational goals and objectives. (24%)

  • Domain 2—Information Risk Management

Manage information risk to an acceptable level based on risk appetite in order to meet organizational goals and objectives. (30%) 

  • Domain 3—Information Privacy Programme Development and Management 

Develop and maintain an information privacy programme that identifies, manages and protects the organization’s assets while aligning to information privacy strategy and business goals, thereby supporting an effective privacy posture. (27%) 

  • Domain 4—Information Privacy Incident Management 

Plan, establish and manage the capability to detect, investigate, respond to and recover from information privacy incidents to minimize business impact. (19%) 

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